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Research Seminar - The role of publication in research and Bibliometric evaluation


Publication of scientific research plays an increasingly prominent role in academia. From being regarded as the outcome of a successful research project, we are now asked to specify how the results will be published already when planning the research or at the time of funding application. Therefore, it is relevant to look at publication as part of the research practice that is present throughout the entire research process. In addition to publishing being expected to occur in established and peer reviewed channels, today there are new opportunities for publishing in pre-printed archives, blogs and in short form on social media such as Twitter. How can these seemingly conflicting requirements be made compatible?


In this seminar, Gustaf will talk about the role of publishing in different channels in relation to bibliometric evaluation and resource allocation. What trends do we see in scientific publications in social sciences and humanities? In which "channels" – e.g. journals, monographs and books or gray literature, are publications being recognized from a bibliometric perspective? Additionally, what is internally recognized in a discipline may not give "points" or citations at the university level or in the national redistribution.


Some of the issues that we will discuss are:

1) Why do bibliometric indicators exist, a little about their history

2) What does the different indicators measure?

3) Can you say which ones are most reliable, robust, relevant?

4) Is there cheating and are the indicators misused?

5) How could they be used in a reasonable, responsible way?

6) What does the future look like for indicators in academia?


Date: Wednesday October 10 from 10.00-12.00 (Lunch will be served at 12.00)

Place: Alsion 2, U109


Speaker: Gustaf Nelhans - Senior lecturer at the University of Borås, SwedenBåras University, Sweden. Gustaf is one of the world's leading bibliometricians, and he works at SDUB as Fellow from 26 August until the end of October 2018.


Host: The University Library of Southern Denmark - Sønderborg 

Wednesday, Oct 10th 2018
10:00 - 12:00
  Forskningsværktøj     In English  
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Event Organizer

Najmeh Shaghaei

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